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Improving health outcomes with technology.

Ambient Intelligence is a state of the art contactless fall management system that allows clinicians and administrators to monitor their populations in near real-time. Our innovative solution protects individual privacy, works in complete darkness, and does not require the individual to wear a device.

Diverse Founders Fellowship 2019
SBA Grant 2020
Launch Minnesota Innovation 2021
Launch Minnesota Innovation 2022
Medical Alley Starts 2022
Comcast Rise 2022
Google for Startups 2019
gBETA St. Thomas 2020
University of Minnesota Launchpad 2021
National Institutes of Health AAP 2022
Who We Are
Brian Bradley Johnson, Founder
Adam Wagner, Senior Corporate Counsel
Greg Shultz, Advisor
Tim Hokanson, Advisor
Bill Knutson, Advisor
Dr. Simon Mittal, Medical Director
Dr. Arshia Khan, Director of Clinical Research