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Investment Opportunity

Tranche 1: Angel
Who: 10 Angel investors at $50,000
Round size $500,000
Valuation: $5,000,000 Post-money valuation/$4,500,000 Pre-money valuation
Share Holding: Each Angel investor receives 1% or 10,000,000 common shares of Ambient Intelligence Inc.

Ambient Intelligence shareholders qualify for Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS). Normally when you sell shares, they could be subject to either short or long term capital gains rates. Short term capital gains rates may be as high as 37% whereas long term capital gains rates may be as high as 20%. QSBS status offers the ability to lock in a 0% capital gains tax rate for federal purposes.

Qualified small business (QSB) rules for eligibility
A company is known as a qualified small business when it meets the below qualification requirements: The company must be an active business that is incorporated as a U.S. C-corporation. The company must have had gross assets of $50 million or less at all times before and immediately after the equity was issued. The company must not be on the list of excluded business types, which is determined by the IRS.

Team & Capitalization Table

Brian Bradley Johnson, Founder 89.5%
Dr. Rich Baker PhD, TBD
Dr. Simon Mittal MD, Chief Medical Officer 3%
Dr. Arshia Khan, Director of Clinical Research 1%
Kyle Rolfing, Business Advisor 2.5%
Greg Shultz, Technology Advisor 3%
Tim Hokanson, Healthcare Advisor 1%
Frank Grazzinni, Chief Financial Officer <1%

Organizational Structure




Publication: Alzheimer’s Association

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“Contactless fall detection with radio frequency sensors for the aging population”

Letter of Intent with Mount Olivet Home

Organizational Documents
Delaware C-Corp

Original Filing MN C-Corp

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